Gifting data

How to gift1 your data to someone with an Australia Post Mobile.

1. Log in to your account and go to 'Data gifting'.
2. Enter the recipient's mobile number for who you want to gift data to.
3. Select 'Gift now' to gift 1GB.
4. The recipient will be notified of your gift.

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For more information view the gifting frequently asked questions

Sharing data

Your data is automatically shared within your account.2

If you have more than one SIM on your account, and you’re on a $20, $30 or $40 plan, you can share your data. Data inclusions are combined into one shared amount.

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For more information view the sharing frequently asked questions

Data rollover

Data rollover allows you to keep up to 100GB of unused data from your previous expiry period.

If you exceed your included data allowance, you will automatically start using data from your data rollover balance. Your data rollover balance does not expire so long as you continue to renew your service. You also keep your data rollover balance when you change plans.

For data rollover to apply, you must:

  • be on an eligible Australia Post Mobile plan, and
  • renew your service before expiry.

Log in to your account to view your current data rollover balance.

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Coverage guarantee

With the Australia Post Mobile coverage guarantee, if you experience coverage issues at home or at your workplace, you may be eligible for a full refund of your purchase.3 Coverage issues may include:

  • Call dropouts
  • Poor reception
  • Slow data speeds

Contact our support team on 1300 196 916 if you experience coverage issues.

Bundle discount

Receive a 10% discount4 on your Australia Post Mobile service(s) when you have an Australia Post Broadband service on the same account.

This discount is automatically applied to your account for the life of the service, as long as you remain eligible.

Read our bundle discount FAQs for more information.


1 Data gifting is only available between Australia Post Mobile users on eligible plans. 1GB per gift, up to a max of 5GB/60GB per renewal period (being 30/365 days). Gifting is unavailable if you have under 1.5GB and expires at the end of the recipient’s expiry period.

2 All data is automatically shared across eligible services on the same account in Australia.

3 If you have coverage issues, return to your place of purchase, or contact us on 1300 196 916. Mobile coverage issues include dropped calls, data drop outs, problems with SMS/MMS, inability to connect to data while on the move, or poor reception at your home, place of work or holiday home or slow data speeds. Coverage will vary depending on your device and location and other factors. This coverage guarantee does not affect any rights you may have under the Australian Consumer Law. We reserve the right to investigate any issue and advise whether or not you are eligible to make a claim. We may also request evidence of any coverage issue with Australia Post Mobile at our discretion.

4 10% bundle discount automatically applies to your AP Mobile renewals when you have an active AP Mobile and AP Broadband service on the same account (and continues while both services are on that account). Discount does not apply to your AP Broadband service.