The Optus 3G mobile network is closing

Mobile technology has changed a lot since the 3G network was first launched back in 2003.

Our mobile network is powered by Optus who are now closing their 3G network and repurposing it to provide greater speed, capacity and reliability for their 4G and 5G networks.


3G device impact

3G services will no longer be available on the Optus network from September 2024.

If you have a 3G device, you’ll be unable to make calls (including 000 emergency calls), send texts or access the Internet on the Optus network.

Affected devices could include mobile phones, tablets and personal medical or security devices. You’ll need to upgrade to a 4G or 5G compatible device to stay connected.

Check if your device will be affected

Most devices won't be affected and will still work on the 4G and 5G network. The 3G closure affects devices that:

  • Can only operate using the 3G network (typically only older devices).
  • Do not support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls.

For those technically inclined, you're looking to confirm:

  1. If your device is reliant on 3G 900MHz spectrum for voice and/or data services.
  2. If your device supports 4G VoLTE (including VoLTE Emergency calling). If you're using your device to make and receive voice calls, then it needs to support 4G VoLTE and have VoLTE enabled in your device settings.
  3. If your device is compatible with 4G 700 MHz (Band 28 or B28) spectrum. L700MHz is low band 4G spectrum used by Optus and some other providers for optimal 4G coverage.

Ensure your device has VoLTE turned on

Most devices are already VoLTE enabled, but some older devices require you to enable VoLTE.

Check that your 4G device’s VoLTE setting is turned on so you can keep making voice calls after the 3G network closes.

Apple iPhones

  • Go to your phone’s Settings and select Mobile or Mobile Data.
  • Select Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data.
  • If you see 4G with a VoLTE setting, make sure it’s turned on.
  • If you see both 4G and 5G, you don’t need to do anything – VoLTE is already enabled.

Please consult your phone’s instruction manual on how to enable – on Samsung and some other models it is under:

  • Open Apps icon.
  • Locate Settings icon.
  • Tap Mobile Networks.
  • Select VoLTE to enable on the device.

The most common affected devices

Below is a list of commonly affected devices, split into two categories.

  • 3G/VoLTE Devices - these devices will either not work at all after September 2024, or may not be able to make voice calls if they do not support VoLTE.
  • No LTE 700MHz Devices - these devices do not support the 700MHz frequency (Band 28) and may see reduced coverage or slower data speeds (you may already be experiencing this issue).

Note: Due to the large number of available brands and models, we can’t provide a comprehensive list of all devices that may be affected. If you’re not sure whether your device can use 4G or 5G, check your device’s user manual or with the manufacturer.


If the network change affects me, what should I do?

If you have an affected device, by September 2024 you'll need to purchase a new device that:

  • Supports 4G VoLTE (if you require voice calls).
  • Is compatible with 4G LTE 700MHz (B28) spectrum.

Get in touch with our support team

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