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  • Data rollover up to 100GB.#
  • 30 day expiry.
  • Unlimited talk and text to standard Australian numbers.
  • Keep your number or get a new one.1
  • Data is shared with SIMs in your account.2
  • Gift mobile data to your mates.3
  • Coverage issues? Get your money back.4
  • 10% discount if you're also an Australia Post Broadband customer.5

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# Rollover up to 100GB of unused data when you renew an eligible plan before expiry.

1 There may be costs from your current provider to keep your existing mobile number. Not available for existing AP Mobile services.

2 All data is automatically shared across eligible services on the same account in Australia.

3 Data gifting is only available between AP Mobile users on eligible plans. 1GB per gift, up to a max of 5GB/60GB per renewal period (being 30/365 days). Gifting is unavailable if you have under 1.5GB and expires at the end of the recipient’s expiry period.

4 If you have coverage issues, return to your place of purchase, or contact us on 1300 196 916. Mobile coverage issues include dropped calls, data drop outs, problems with SMS/MMS, inability to connect to data while on the move, or poor reception at your home, place of work or holiday home or slow data speeds. Coverage will vary depending on your device and location and other factors. This Coverage Guarantee does not affect any rights you may have under the Australian Consumer Law. We reserve the right to investigate any issue and advise whether or not you are eligible to make a claim. We may also request evidence of any coverage issue with Australia Post Mobile at our discretion.

5 10% discount automatically applies to your Australia Post Mobile renewals when you have an active Australia Post Mobile and Australia Post Broadband service on the same account (and continues while both services are on that account). Discount does not apply to your Australia Post Broadband service. Learn more.

Usage subject to Fair Go Policy. The AP Mobile service is provided by Australia Postal Corporation on the Optus Network and your device must have the ability to operate on that network. 

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