Important changes to your Australia Post Mobile service

From 26 September 2022 your existing customer contract (available here) for Australia Post Mobile with Flexisim Pty Ltd (ACN 643 268 585) will be assigned (and the Carriage Service Provider will change) to Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post) (ABN 28 864 970 579). 

What does this mean for me

This change will not impact the way you use your Australia Post Mobile service, but you may see some minor differences in managing and paying for your service.

  • Updated Terms and Conditions – from 26 September, terms and conditions and policy documents will be updated to replace references to Flexisim Pty Ltd with Australian Postal Corporation. There are also a couple of minor changes to your customer contract, and the removal of our Financial Hardship policy (this won’t impact your ability to seek support or cancel your service at any time). You will be able to find a copy of these updated documents at from 26 September.
  • New Website – from 26 September, the new home for Australia Post Mobile will be If you try to navigate to you will be redirected to the new site automatically. We’ve done a complete redesign of our website, including My Account, and we’re excited to share these with you soon.
  • New Support Email – our new website comes with a new support email address, Expect to see emails from us on this address from 26 September. And should you ever need help, please feel free to email us using this new email address.
  • New Payment Description - if you pay for your Australia Post Mobile service on credit or debit card, you may have noticed the description on your statement for Australia Post Mobile is Flexisim Mobile South Melbourne. This description will be updated to Australia Post over the coming months.

What you need to do

You don't need to do anything. Your Australia Post Mobile service will automatically transfer from Flexisim to Australia Post from 26 September 2022.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact us or call 1300 196 916, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6pm AEST.